Boho inspired midsummer wedding

Simple, hip and bohemian. That was the wedding of Madita and Steffen. Down-to-earth, composed by subtle details. Nothing overwhelming, nothing too fancy. Because, it was most important to them, that their wedding would be a party for them and their guests. A celebration with lots of love, buntings and a literal cheesecake for a midnight snack!

Thus, they didn’t need much for their perfect day. Their chosen venue “Pipavino” in Münster fitted perfectly their plans with those industrial wooden tables, rustic wood beams and scenic panorama windows. All they needed for a gypsy boho touch were some unobtrusive white flowers, candles and buntings sowed by her mom. It all came out pretty genius. Madita rocked her wedding gown by Cymbeline and turned Steffen’s head, when they saw each other for the first time.

When time came for the ceremony the easiness vanished from both. Excitement arose. Soon they’d be married. The bridesmaids flitted into position. The father of the bride gave his best playing the clarinet. A good friend did a wonderful interpretation of “Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel” on the piano (a German song about a Czech Cinderella story). Madita was moved to tears even before the ceremony started. How could she not?! Who would have guessed, that a chance encounter at a public viewing of a soccer game and a first date for a triathlon running exercise would end up walking down the aisle? Madita and Steffen held hands during the entire sermon and glimpsed each other, loving, caring, laughing. Their kiss? When they finally kissed it was a kiss of passion, desire and utmost devotion. Yes, these two belong together. Every instance of their wedding tells you that their wedding was just the beginning of a true happily ever after.