Easy Boho Glam Elopement Gare Du Neuss

Raw, unpolished and imperfect beauty. Just like love itself, because love is never perfect. Love grows and changes with every experience and adventure. So love changed Laura and Michele and changed with them. They know each other from ground school, list sight of each other and found each other again as grownups. And they immediately clicked.

A beautiful story for our inspiration: easy boho glam. Simple and still glamorous. The rough industrial setting was decorated with handmade macramees and wild flowers. It had the ado of a bohemian vibe and a timeless elegance at the same time. The bride appeared like a contradiction to the wild ambient wearing a glamorous beaded dress and delicate jewelry. It was an elopement with closest friends, an intimate and very small ceremony, a yummy cake and an easygoing evening with gin and tonic. In the end, all that matters and lasts is love and happiness and the stories of these two!

PS: find our very first film (!) to this editorial session HERE!