Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz

A dear friend of mine got married. We met at a convention of Jehovah’s witnesses years ago. Yes, we are witnesses, in case you’re wondering now ;) Since then, whenever we meet and do stuff together it’s like being with an old friend. She’s just so much fun and I am so so happy for her!

Nina and Daniel started as friends. They spent a lot of time together along with Nina’s sister and a friend of Daniel. These four were inseparable until somehow the group broke apart and nothing was like before. That made them rethink their friendship and they realized that there was so much more than friendship between them. A bond of love was tied unnoticed. In May 2017 they said yes to each other.

As a media designer Nina paid attention to all the little details. She incorporated the trend setting pentone colors “serenity blue” and “rose quartz” into her rustic barn theme. Now every guest should know that it is not simply blue and pink :D So many guests went along with that theme and dressed in those colors. Nina also did the entire stationery by herself. As a wedding favor they chose pens with their signature on it. Nina looked stunning in her lacy gown which she altered to her taste adding a tulle skirt to it. Daniel actually had got his suit long ago and kept it a secret. So it was the first time for both seeing each other’s outfits and they enjoyed it very much.

It was a fabulous wedding. Full of happiness, laughter and details. The guests battled each other in a kissing game: sing a song to make the newlyweds kiss. The friends prepared two really fun gigs that made you cry for happiness. And everyone partied all night! Congratulations Nina and Daniel! We love you guys!