Urban Boho Beach Wedding at Monberg

Their wedding wasn’t much planned, Annika and Lucas assured us. It was most important to meet all their friends and family again and to have a blast. This was the best unplanned wedding we’ve ever been to. Seriously! We want more of that kinda weddings with an explosive vibe!

The couple met at parties in Duesseldorf. Annika thought Lucas to be a weird guy hitting on her, since he kept telling her at the parties that she looked like a model and should do a photoshoot. Thus, it took about 4 years till they finally talked more seriously and got a crush on each other. They love nature and travel, especially by backpack and into wild countries. Lucas is a videographer (Filmfluss) and documents the wild nature of the North. You just gotta check out his video about winter in Norway!

Their wedding was a mix of a summer beach party with a touch of boho wild flowers and marsala. Quite spontaneously they organized a free ceremony after their civil ceremony. It was a big surprise for all guests and ended in an emotional ceremony, awesome food and a hell of a party!