Wild Coast Elopement in Cornwall

A coastline inspired wild and back to the roots elopement. With the colors of the sea and the essence of devotion between two people in love. Natural, free and easy. Emily and Tom are a true Cornish couple. They embrace their life at the Cornwall coast. He is a big wave surfer and she got her own hair salon. Last autumn they got engaged and will celebrate their big wedding in 2018. It was a very happy coincidence that we met them on Instagram and could elope with them.

The weather was Cornish in Cornwall. Grey, misty and windy. At the same time it was majestic and awe-inspiring. That vastness, that thunderous ocean and force behind it! Yet, on the other hand, an idyllic peace indwelled the ocean. You could hear it in the waves and smell it in the air. Low and high tide danced in step over the waters. The sandy bays were splattered with beach lakes in aquamarine greenish blue hues when the tide was in. Emily wore a handmade dress with an open back, made of lace and a flowing chiffon skirt. It was perfect for the beach, sexy and elegant. Her bridal bouquet looked so effortless as if she picked the flowers by herself and still they are so nicely composed like a piece of art. It totally matched the easy breezy flair of her look. She was a vision, a mermaid from the deep blue sea. We celebrated a true story: the genuine love of two people in their homeland, the perpetual coast of Cornwall!

If you wanna elope too, because love is just between the two of you, take us with you as your elopement photographer in Cornwall or elsewhere. We got a special package for your elopement :)