Our approach of documenting weddings


Our approach is a mixture of raw documentary and editorial lifestyle. Our editing is a natural film look with a hint of moody tones. We're craving for emotions, laughs, tears and stories at your wedding.

To get all that we like your wedding to unfold before us as it happens and we only intervene if necessary (e.g. for the portraits). In that case, emotion even beats perfection and an image might be blurry but has that certain something.

Our best photos and films are created when we capture your story as friends and not as business partners.


We only cover 10 weddings per year. The sooner you get in touch with us, the more likely your wedding date is still available.

On weekends during high season (April-Oct) we're only available for full day coverages, which start at 5 hours and 1750 EUR. On weekdays and off-season we offer smaller packages as well as after wedding and engagement sessions.

For detailed information on our packages, please, contact us and we'll send you all the information you need.

If you wanna book us after receiving our packages, we'd love to connect with you personally, either by grabbing a coffee together or via video call.


When shooting your wedding, Irina is the photographer and Chris the videographer.

After your wedding all images will be selected and edited. About 40-50 images are created per hour. In the end, you get all images that tell your story. A small selection will be edited in black and white.

The film will be cut to the vibe of your wedding and usually is about 3-5min. The colors match the style of the images.

Photos and film will be delivered online via gallery that you can save as app and share with your friends.