2020 was the year of garden weddings. More couples decided to have a small wedding rather than no wedding. Of course, due to the Corona virus. Some even went for a ceremony in their own backyard. I must say we love it! Uncomplicated, cozy, less formal and 100% feel good ambient. Many shared their wedding via Zoom conference call, so friends all over the world could participate.

Paulina and Steffen did just that. And since they went for a micro wedding, they concentrated their budget on high quality details: We met at an alpaca farm for the portraits and a relaxed reception before we all went to their home to have a backyard ceremony. It was a small backyard, but look how they nailed it doing a ceremony as well as a really beautiful table setting for the dinner and party afterwards.

We want more of these unconventional micro weddings. If you plan one, please let us know :)