Claudia and Lukas are from two worlds. Claudia is from Florida and Lukas from Germany. They met in Florida, when Lukas was a flight attendant, and they became best friends and fell in love.

They did not expect their wedding to be under such hard circumstances. But they also did not want to cancel their wedding. So, in a really small circle but a huge gang of friends on Zoom they did a beautiful wedding in their living room.

There was not much fancy open space as we all might be spoiled with in the wedding industry. But: there was so much love, laughter and tears. Especially at the father daughter dance. It hit them all, that their girl will live in Germany now and they all cannot know when to see each other again.

I love what they created and it made me rethink what a wedding is about. It’s not about fab images or a stylish setting. It’s about people, about family, about connection, loyalty and love!