Tiny weddings or micro weddings are very small weddings with 10-40 guests. They become very popular, not only due to the Covid pandemic restrictions. Many couples realize how less stressful, leaned back and less formal an intimate tiny wedding can be. Honestly, how many of the 150 people guest list do you know so deeply, that you can unwind and party with them till it dawns?! The more people you have, the more formal it gets. That’s a fact.

The pro’s for a tiny wedding:

+ more time for every guest
+ guests only that you love spending time with
+ budget friendly
+ quality instead of quantity
+ way more unique locations available
+ less stress and usually more flexible

Let your wedding be an epic one. For you, for your closest family and friends. At the place you live or bond with, or go for your destination dream. Collect memories with no regrets.


Fotos & Video: Irina und Chris | Organisation & Konzept: Katharina Gronewald Hochzeitsplanung  | Floristik: Runoblumen  | H&M: Alwaysandforever | Papeterie: Yesyesyes | Brautkleid: I am Yours  | Anzug: Atelier Torino  | Bräutigamaccessoires: Be Wooden  | Brautschmuck: MehrSein  | Traurednerin Luisa von Philosophylove  | Musiker: Jakob Lübke | Sängerin: Theresa Vogel | Hochzeitstorte & Sweets: Tortenmacher | Möbel: Zeltverleih Düpmann | Models: Anita & Benny | Location: Haus Brink